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PokerStars hosting Heads-Up Challenge with Team Pros

On March 5th and 6th, PokerStars will be hosting a Team Pro Online Heads-Up Challenge which will see online poker professionals taking on each other to see who is the very best at the game. Twelve online qualifiers will take place with while 20 pros will go head to head for a chance to win $5,000. (04/03)

GoWild Casino adds Stardust slot game

Slot gaming has proven to be one of the most popular forms of online gaming. Players enjoy slot games because they are inexpensive to play, with hours being spent earning cash prizes. Jackpots can be large, with progressives helping players earn even more cash. Slot games come in many forms as well, which means that players can play game after game without becoming bored. (23/12)

New Slot Game Released by Realistic Games

Realistic Games is an online casino game developer who specializes in table games and slot options. The software gaming provider recently released a new slot game for both mobile and desktop gaming. The new game is titled The Great Pyramid and will be themed on the Egyptian culture. With the game, you will be transported to another time to enjoy the ancient world of Egypt. (10/03)

Three Card Poker Jackpot Continues to Increase

A commonly enjoyed game at land based casinos is 3 Card Poker, which is a variant of video poker. The game can be found in several forms and is commonly played in video form. At top Vegas casinos, three card poker can be played connected to a progressive jackpot game. The Palazzo and the Venetian offer a new game as of just a few days ago that offers players the opportunity to try their hand at 3 card poker and possibly win a jackpot. (03/10)

Multi-Poker Progressive Reaches Massive Amounts

Many casinos in todayís gaming industry offer jackpot prizes at massive amounts with several games linked to a progressive. A progressive jackpot allows several games to be connected and players can place a side wager which builds the progressive until the jackpot is hit. Two casinos in Vegas just recently released new progressive games all linked to one massive jackpot. (24/09)

PartyPoker Mosconi Cup Hosted by Tower Circus

The PartyPoker Mosconi Cup will be back this year and in its 21st year of operation and it was just announced that the Tower Circus in Blackpool will be hosting the prestigious event. The event doesnít take place until December of 2014 but players are already anticipating the event. (21/01)

Speeders Earn Lottery Tickets in Florida

Lottery tickets are purchased everyday across the globe. Players love to purchase one, if not multiple, lottery tickets to try and be the next big winner. Players have earned millions of dollars by simply purchasing lottery tickets and earning the right number combination. Lottery games come in all shapes and sizes with huge jackpots up for grabs. Residents in the state of Florida recently got a surprise connected to the lottery. (30/12)

Sun Bingo offering Leaderboard Competition

Online bingo sites are a popular past time for millions of gamblers across the globe. Players enjoy being able to chat with friends and play as many bingo cards as they like from the comfort of their own home. Sun Bingo is one provider who offers top quality gambling options and on the 21st of this month the site will be offering a special leaderboard challenge. (20/11)

FTP Remission Process Begins for US Players

Black Friday took place in April of 2011 and since that time; former US players of Full Tilt Poker have been waiting patiently for their funds to be given back to their bank accounts. The process has been long and just this week, the claims administrator for the company, Garden City Group, has now opened up a website for claims to take place. (23/09)

Carlton Bingo to change Network Providers

Bingo players in the United Kingdom are very familiar with the bingo company Carlton Bingo. Carlton Bingo is known for hosting online bingo gaming options as well as brick and mortar bingo halls. The brand has been in business for many years and worked with the Virtue Fusion Network to offer online gaming options. However, the company is now going to be working with a different network for online options. (11/09)

Mobile App Launches for Lucky247

Mobile casino game play is in high demand and online casino and gaming companies are beginning to offer their services via mobile solutions. This option is becoming popular because players have the option of enjoying their favorite casino games from any location. On the go, at home, anywhere works with a mobile casino. The latest gaming company to offer such a solution is Lucky247. This site has launched a new mobile app that is now available for Android devices. (12/07)

Luxury Backgammon Sets Now Available at GammonVillage

The game of backgammon is one that is enjoyed in both a live setting as well as with online game play. The game is featured at GammonVilliage, a community of sorts for backgammon gamblers. The site has now announced that they are carrying a new line of luxury backgammon gaming boards. Zaza & Sacci have created new backgammon sets as well as game boards which can not only be enjoyed in game play but also as an heirloom. (07/05)

Pokie Gaming Leads to Addiciton for Mom of Two

According to a recent court case, a mother living in Leopold is now facing severe charges for her actions based on her pokie addiction. Wendy Hope Jobson has spend millions playing pokie machines and gained the money for the games by stealing from her employer over a five year period. (06/05)

Shuffle Master Takes App Developer to Court

Shuffle Master is a top provider of casino gaming options and they recently decided to sue Avalinx LLC an app developer for trademark and copyright infringement. Shuffle Master stated that Avalinx had developed as well as sold applications for mobile devices that supposedly infringed on Shuffle Masterís rights. (25/06)

Four Card Poker rewards California Gambler

The Red Hawk Casino is a top destination for gamblers as they offer a nice gambling option on their table progressive games. The casino has a progressive jackpot that is connected to several table games and players can wager just $1 in the hopes of winning the jackpot. The casino recently announced that a four card poker player was able to win a nice prize by placing the progressive wager. (13/06)

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