Speeders Earn Lottery Tickets in Florida
Lottery tickets are purchased everyday across the globe. Players love to purchase one, if not multiple, lottery tickets to try and be the next big winner. Players have earned millions of dollars by simply purchasing lottery tickets and earning the right number combination. Lottery games come in all shapes and sizes with huge jackpots up for grabs. Residents in the state of Florida recently got a surprise connected to the lottery.

Drivers who were caught speeding in Melbourne, Florida this past week were given lottery tickets and a warning instead of speeding tickets. This was a nice surprise for drivers as they are able to earn something instead of having to pay a fine for speeding.

Drivers were given scratch off tickets as a Christmas surprise, but were warned that they should not speed or find themselves violating any other traffic laws. Jamie Rocque is a sergeant with the police department in Melbourne and he stated that the officers purchased the tickets themselves and decided the tickets would be a nice surprise for the public.

Rocque stated that the officers were given many surprised looks and drivers could not believe their luck. The plan was to surprise drivers but also be able to give back to the community while teaching safety precautions. Drivers should of course, refrain from speeding and hopefully the tickets given to the lucky few were able to remind them that they should watch how they drive this holiday season.

The police department definitely provided a unique experience for drivers and it was an interesting experiment for the officers. Many felt great handing out the tickets and reminding the patrons to be safe while on the highway. It will be interesting to see if the department continues to do similar projects to keep the streets safe from traffic violations.

- 2013-12-30

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