Three Card Poker Inventor Works to Promote Game
Derek Webb is the inventor of the casino game Three Card Poker and he is constantly promoting the game to get casinos to license this game. Even though the game was invented in 1994 and has become very popular it is still difficult for Webb to get casinos to accept his game.

Webb invented the game in 1994 while living in the United Kingdom where he was born. Webb had to go overseas to research his new game and see how well it would perform. The British Casino Association required Webb to do this before he would be allowed to sell his new game to casinos in the United Kingdom.

Webb first obtained a patent for his new game, Three Card Poker, and then he went to Las Vegas, Tunica and Atlantic City to sell his game. He explained the new game and demonstrated the game to casino management.

Webb earned his patent in 1997 and now has seen 1,600 three card poker installations in card rooms and casinos across the United States. Casinos have an easy time training dealers and players are learning the game quickly, which makes it very popular.

Yet however popular the game has become Webb says the process of getting casinos to license his game, Three Card Poker, is like ‘pulling teeth’ and it has been the toughest challenge of his career.

- 2009-09-25

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